Contractors misunderstanding a request of building managers inadvertently leads to a situation where great suppliers come under scrutiny and often it is not their fault. Building Managers are not experts in every facet of remediation repairs, and often what is thought as the scope of works (SOW), suddenly is not the job request. Then comes the who is at fault. Is it the contractor? Is it the building manager? Was the contractor trying to cut a corner to become the cheapest quote? One thing we can be sure of, this situation could have been avoided by one simple action, a “follow up meeting minutes”.

At All About Building Management (AABM), our team have access to professional project management tools and meeting minutes is that one tool we encourage every team member to undertake directly after every contractor exchange. We call this a ‘lost in translation’ process to clearly reiterate the request as it was discussed from the building managers understanding of the conversation.

For our team members who follow up every contactor meeting with a meeting minutes, there has been a clear change in contractor procurement and request for quotes, our contractors are quoting understanding a scope with clear understanding of the job, they are more accountable for the works and the procurement process becomes apples for apples across all contractors.

Removing the fuses that lead to explosions one by one. It is all about protecting our clients best interests. It is about clear instructions and quality procurement. It is all about building management.

Prepared by All About Building management